Acrylic Paintings by Velma Segers

Acrylic Paintings by Velma Segers

Velma Segers

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Velma was born in Idaho in 1935. Her family then moved to Spokane Washington where she grew up and went to school. When still a young child her school teachers would occasionally hang her artistic pictures on the blackboard. 

As an adult she moved to California where she married and started a family and worked in nursing. Eventually her children grew up and left to find their own futures. 

After many years alone she met and married a very nice man in the year 2000. She retired from nursing and started taking some art classes at the local community center.

Over the last couple decades her paintings have been such a positive comfort to her family, friends, and community. She has donated many of her paintings to her local community for various fundraisers and been exhibited in many Seattle art shows.