Lee Godman

Lee Godman grew up in Hull, East Yorkshire, England, UK, and he has worked in the fitness industry for years, but his main passion is for art, mainly animal portraits. 

Lee has a great love for animals since he was small and grew up with two whippets (Skippy and Jinks) and Barron, the largest German Shepherd he had ever seen, and has been drawing mainly dogs for as long as he can remember, Lee has used many different mediums such as graphite pencils, airbrush and more recently pyrography (wood burning). 

Lee loves the fact that he can burn a picture straight into the wood and the different shades and textures that come from it, and also the texture of the wood that comes through, this adds to the overall portrait. 

This is something that Lee has a real passion for and he often loses track of the time whilst working on the subject. He is also a perfectionist when it comes to this and will not stop until he feels it’s as good as he can get it. 


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