Acrylic Paintings by Brian Nash

Acrylic Paintings by Brian Nash

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Brian was born and raised in Boston.  He has his MBA from Dartmouth with experience working at the Leo Burnett Ad Agency in Chicago, and at Polo Ralph Lauren in NYC, where he was the Director of Retail Marketing and Advertising. 

He loved Polo and NYC, but wanted to explore a different creative outlet, so he moved to Nashville to write music.  Many of his songs recorded, but he realized that his creative interest was in the visual arts, so he stopped writing and started painting.  

His art can be found in galleries all around the US, and:

is on display at many of the country's leading hospitals, including Vanderbilt Hospital, Monroe Carell Children’s Hospital, and LaBonheur

has decorated the sets of several tv shows, including “Nashville”

has been featured in the New York Times 

hangs on the wall of several hotels

has been printed on items such as wrapping paper, wallpaper, greeting cards, fabric, t-shirts, etc.  

One of the creators of "The Simpsons" bought EIGHT of his paintings!


Please allow approximately one week per commission for the painting to be completed.