Watercolor Portraits by Clammie Silapan

Watercolor Portraits by Clammie Silapan

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Cammie's pet portraits come from the Philippines, so please allow an extra two weeks for shipment and up to 1 week for each portrait to be painted. Her paintings will be shipped in a tube, so framing will be recommended once you receive your portrait

Clammie Silapan is a visual artist of many talents based out of The Philippines. She is well versed in many mediums and has been practicing them for almost a decade with special interests in pet portraits. Her mother and father are her biggest inspirations for her art. They recognized her talent and encouraged her from a very young age and now she is the sole breadwinner in the family. Cammie's own pets are also a big inspiration to paint and draw, but they also provide her with comfort, therapeutic medicine, and so much joy!

She is now engaged to another visual artist who is a great encouragement and mentor. Her skills have grown tremendously as a result of his motivation and believe in her.