Who We Are and How it works

Who We Are:

We are a collective of artists who love to paint, draw, and craft art for our pets so much, that we decided to open shop and offer our love for pets and pet art to you.  Do you have a favorite art medium you'd like to see your pet come to life with?

How it Works:

We pride ourselves in creating a beautiful piece of art for you centered around one of your favorite furry things in the world, your pet.  Don't know where to start?  We suggest the following:

1. Click a medium below that you would like to see your pet come to life in.  (Painting, Drawing, Jewelry etc.)

2.  Choose the options you would like         (sizes etc.)

3.  Make your purchase.

4. You are done! We will keep in touch with you as the work progresses and get details on your favorite reference photo. After the art is approved by you and you absolutely love it the artist will ship it directly to you! or email it to you if you choose a digital copy from one of our digital artists

If you can't decide on a medium or artist we offer a free, no obligation pet portrait assessment. Email us a description of your pets personality and what you are looking for in a piece of art and our professionals will find the perfect match to best capture your pets personality and fit your home beautifully. Please email us at pawesomepetart@gmail.com

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